Yes's Fragile and the Origins of Progressive Rock

Yes's Fragile and the Origins of Progressive Rock

On this week's episode we finally shake ourselves out of the shoegaze daze and pay homage to one of the greatest rock records of all time: 1971's Fragile by progressive rock pioneers, Yes. Before we dive in, we explore two groups that laid the groundwork for the genre and proved to the music world that rock and roll had a lot more to say beyond the 12 bar love song, Days of Future Past by The Moody Blues andThe Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack by The Nice. This is a music-heavy episode, with lots of clips from the record that you may have missed if you only tuned in for the singles. Let's take a listen and hear what made Fragile such an iconic record, with its complex melodies and arrangements that only a group like Yes could deliver.

Episode Tracklist

  • The Moody Blues - "The Evening"
  • The Nice - "Rondo"
  • Yes - "Cans and Brahms"
  • Yes - " South Side of the Sky"
  • Yes - "The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)"
  • Yes - "Heart of the Sunrise"
  • Yes - "We Have Heaven"
  • Spoon - "Shake It Off"
  • Kainalu - "Lotus Gate"
  • Yes - "Mood for a Day"

Sidetrack: Sidetrack: The Nice - Flower Kings of Prog Rock

On this week's sidetrack episode, we listen to another track from early prog rockers The Nice. Although short-lived, the group's fusion of rock, jazz, classical music was a key influence of the progressive rock movement throughout the 70s. 


  • The Nice - "Rondo"
  • The NIce - "Flower King of Flies"
  • SAULT - "Think About It"
  • Luke Temple - "Don't Call Me Windy"
  • The NIce - "War And Peace"