Tycho - Dive (2011) album cover.
Episode 02

Tycho - Dive (2011)

Tycho's second studio album "Dive" is reviewed, and we explore how music is so closely tied to memory and nostalgia with a discussion of the term hypnagogic pop and how it applies to the chillwave genre.

Episode Tracklist

  • Tycho - "Dive"
  • Mr. Twin Sister - "Lady Daydream"
  • Clientele - "Everything You See Tonight Is Different From Itself"
  • Tycho - "Hours"
  • Tycho - "Adrift"
  • Little Dragon - "Feathers"

Sidetrack: Boards of Canada - "Bocuma" (1998)

This week's sidetrack touches on Scottish electronic duo Boards of Canada, one of the early pioneers of the IDM genre. We listen to "Bocuma" off the 1998 album Music Has the Right to Children, and discuss the major influence that Boards of Canada had on Tycho's early work.