The Stills - Logic Will Break Your Heart  (2003) album cover.

The Stills - Logic Will Break Your Heart (2003)

We've said it before, and we'll probably say it again: the early 00's marked the beginning of our journey as music lovers. And this is right about the time garage rock and the post-punk revival started to really take off. The Stills is just another of the countless "The" bands that hit the scene around that time, but there's just something about their debut record Logic Will Break Your Heart that stands out amongst the rest. It's dark and clever lyrics pair perfectly with the always clean, angular guitar work reminiscent of Interpol and Joy Division with catchy riffs and hooks aplenty.

Episode Tracklist

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Sidetrack: Sidetrack Double Feature: Longwave + French Kicks

When it comes to post-punk and garage-rock from the 2000s, it's hard to pick just one band for a sidetrack episode. So we're doing our first ever Sidetrack Double Feature (don't get too excited). Today we cover a couple tracks from Longwave's The Strangest Things and French Kicks Swimming.


  • Longwave - "Wake Me When It's Over"
  • Longwave - "Exit"
  • French Kicks - "All Our Weekends"
  • Leon Vynehall - "Paradisea"
  • The Pillows - "Stalker"
  • Longwave - "Everywhere You Turn"