Sidetrack: The Soft Boys

Travis is in and out of town again for the next couple weeks, so I am all by my lonesome and we are postponing our episode on The Strokes AGAIN! Sad times. But in the meantime I'm diving into all the genres and eras leading up to the garage rock revival of the 2000s. A Wiki rabbit hole led me to these saucy boys from the late 70s: the Neo-psychedelic, post-punk group The Soft Boys. Their debut album A Can Of Bees is so goddamn good, full of killer hooks, bluesy riffs, and danceable drum beats.


  • The Soft Boys - "Give It To The Soft Boys"
  • The Soft Boys - "Leppo And The Jooves"
  • The Soft Boys - "The Asking Tree"
  • The Soft Boys - "Cold Turkey (John Lennon cover)"