Stone Temple Pilots - Purple (1994) album cover.

Stone Temple Pilots - Purple (1994)

Stone Temple Pilots saw huge success with their testosterone-filled debut album Core, but struggled to gain any love from the Cobain acolytes who insisted they weren't truly grunge (they were from San Diego after all). After a stint of touring and loads of in-fighting, the band returned to the studio to record their second record. Less than one month later, the band emerged with a sound that was uniquely theirs, incorporating elements of psychedelic, country, and blues-rock with the grunge flavor from Core. Purple debuted in June of 1994 at number one on the charts, and went on to sell 3 million copies after just four months.

Episode Tracklist

  • Stone Temple Pilots - "Interstate Love Song"
  • Stone Temple Pilots - "Dead & Bloated"
  • Stone Temple Pilots - "Lounge Fly"
  • Stone Temple Pilots - "Silvergun Superman"
  • Stone Temple Pilots - "Army Ants"
  • Twin Peaks - "Casey's Groove"
  • Twin Peaks - "I Found A New Way"
  • Scattle - "Humanize"
  • Stone Temple Pilots - "Andy Warhol (David Bowie Cover)"

Sidetrack: Army of Anyone - "Stop Look and Listen" (2006)

Three years after the dissolution of Stone Temple Pilots, Dean and Robert DeLeo joined forces with Filter frontman Richard Patrick in 2005 to form the short-lived supergroup Army of Anyone. The band's debut single "Goodbye" peaked at number three on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart, but ultimately the veterans of 90s era grunge and alt rock didn't have the staying power against the nu-metal groups that then dominated the charts.


  • Army of Anyone - "Goodbye"
  • Army of Anyone - "Stop Look and Listen"
  • El Ten Eleven - "With Report"
  • Exmag - "Low Tide"