Sidetrack: Dick Dale, Link Wray, & Duane Eddy

Quentin is flying solo again this week and continuing his journey through the eras and genres leading up to garage rock. A main influencer on rock as we know it today emerged in the 1960s alongside psychedelia & The British Invasion: Surf Rock. With fuzzy distortion, twangy reverb, & Middle Eastern tinged picking, guitarists Dick Dale, Link Wray, & Duane Eddy found mainstream success in their instrumental surf rock, and had an everlasting impact on rock n' roll.


  • Dick Dale - "Miserlou"
  • Link Wray - "Rumble"
  • Link Wray - "Juke Box Mama"
  • Duane Eddy - "The Walker"
  • Duane Eddy - "Stalkin'"