MTV Unplugged: Paul McCartney's Iconic '91 Performance

MTV Unplugged: Paul McCartney's Iconic '91 Performance

Fresh off his 106-show Paul McCartney World Tour that featured dozens of staple Beatles and Wings songs, it's no wonder McCartney saw MTV's Unplugged as the perfect opportunity to take his live show format and do the exact opposite. Relatively unheard of up to that point, McCartney's performance and subsequent album release gave Unplugged jumpstarted the show's popularity and helped it gain the cult status that it went onto receive.

Episode Tracklist

  • Paul McCartney - "We Can Work It Out"
  • Paul McCartney - "Blue Moon of Kentucky"
  • Paul McCartney - "That Would Be Something"
  • Paul McCartney - "She's A Woman"
  • Christian Kleine - "Street Tape"
  • Jeff Beck - "She's A Woman"

Sidetrack: Frampton Comes Alive!

Hot on the heels of our McCartney Unplugged episode, we're listening to one of the most beloved and best selling live records of all time, "Frampton Comes Alive!". Recorded in 1975 and released the following year, this album took Peter Frampton from opening act to household name, and made him synonymous with the Talk Box vocal effect after singles "Do You Feel Like We Do" and "Show Me The Way" flirted with the top of the charts.


  • Peter Frampton - "Something's Happening"
  • Peter Frampton - "All I Want To Be (Is By Your Side)"
  • Peter Frampton - "I'll Give You Money"
  • Peter Frampton - "Lines On My Face"