Nick Drake - Bryter Layter (1971) (w/ Special Guest Larry Llodra)

Nick Drake - Bryter Layter (1971) (w/ Special Guest Larry Llodra)

Yeah, we's been a hot minute. But we are back in the swing of things and decided to bring along one of our dearest friends for this one: singer-songwriter Larry Llodra, hailing from Austin TX, to talk with us about one of the most under-appreciated folk artists of the last half century, Nick Drake. In the span of just three years, Nick Drake gave us three incredibly beautiful folk-pop records that are nothing short of masterpieces, each one bringing us just a little bit closer to the man himself. Just two years after his extremely personal, vulnerable, poetic & raw third studio album "Pink Moon" was released to the masses, he succumbed to his own overwhelmingly troubled & isolated mind, overdosing on prescription pain medication at the age of 26. Join us as we dive into his second studio album, "Bryter Layter".

Episode Tracklist

  • Nick Drake - "Introduction"
  • Nick Drake - "Pink Moon"
  • Nick Drake - "Hazey Jane II"
  • Nick Drake - "One Of These Things First"
  • Nick Drake - "Fly"
  • Nick Drake - "Northern Sky"
  • Nick Drake - "At The Chime Of A City Clock"

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