Loscil - First Narrows (2004) album cover.
Episode 15

Loscil - First Narrows (2004)

We hit pause on indie rock and mellow out with the ambient electronic music of Loscil. Scott Morgan's approach to Loscil started as an exploration on how to represent abstract concepts such as physics and thermodynamics in musical form. On this episode, we cover his third studio album First Narrows and talk about the special relationship we both have with ambient music and how Loscil's approach sets him apart from others in the genre.

Episode Tracklist

  • Loscil - "First Narrows"
  • The Sight Below - "Dour"
  • Kiln - "Pinemartne"
  • Loscil - "Pressure"
  • Loscil - "Sickbay"
  • Loscil - "Brittle"
  • Gaster del Sol - "The Season Reverse"

Sidetrack: The Dead Texan - "The Chronicles of Early Failure - Part 1" (2004)

We explore the work of acclaimed ambient artist Adam Wiltzie and his side project The Dead Texan. Wiltzie and his collaborator Christina Vantzou approach ambient music differently than Scott Morgan of Loscil, who we talked about last week, leaning more on real instruments sampled into the mix to create more organic sounding tones and textures in their music. If you like this music, check out Wiltzie's main project Stars of the Lid.