Mr. Twin Sister - Self-Titled (2014) album cover.

Mr. Twin Sister - Self-Titled (2014)

We make the case in this episode that Mr. Twin Sister is one of the most talented acts to come out of the last decade, with a look at their 2014 self-titled 3rd album. Having gone through some rough patches as a band in the previous year (parting ways with Domino Records, lead vocalist Andrea Estella's MS diagnosis, and the entire group surviving a harrowing car crash while touring in Florida), Mr. Twin Sister emerges on the other end with a renewed energy and a fresh sound to go along with their slightly altered name (they used to go by simply Twin Sister, and were one of the many dream pop buzz bands of 2010). Effortlessly and expertly blending jazz, disco, and house electronic with a distinctly 70s and 80s vibe, this record is a true hidden gem for music lovers who want to hear something unique and refreshing.

Episode Tracklist

  • Mr. Twin Sister - "All Around and Away We Go"
  • Mr. Twin Sister - "The Other Side of Your Face"
  • Mr. Twin Sister - "In the House of Yes"
  • Mr. Twin Sister - "Sensitive"
  • Mr. Twin Sister - "Crime Scene"
  • Mr. Twin Sister - "Twelve Angels"

Sidetrack: Eric Cardona

On this week's Sidetrack we listen to a handful of tracks from Mr. Twin Sister's Eric Cardona. Unlike the band's jazz and disco-tinged pop tunes, Cardona's solo work is much more personal, often acoustic-heavy, and intimate. We fade out the episode with "3AMFM", Cardona's take on Mr. Twin Sister's "Alien FM".


  • Eric Cardona - "Borrowed Scenery"
  • Eric Cardona - "Bedroom Demon"
  • Eric Cardona - "Drive Solo"
  • Eric Cardona - "Two Moons"
  • Eric Cardona / Mr. Twin Sister - "3AMFM"