Khemmis' Quest To Reignite Metal's Spark

Khemmis' Quest To Reignite Metal's Spark

Many metal heads remember the time they were truly impacted by a metal song. That's the goal of the Denver-based four-piece, Khemmis: to recapture that feeling with every song they write. Originally thrown in the doom metal camp after their first release Absolution, Khemmis has evolved their signature vocals and dual-guitar solos into a sound that is uniquely them. Phil Pendergast's clean vocal delivery paired with the occasional growls and grunts of guitarist Ben Hutcherson help bring depth to the storytelling in Khemmis' lyrics about depression, grief, and paralyzing fear. Khemmis expertly weave in a variety of influences and genres into their music to create their signature sound, and it is one that is sure to turn any budding metal fan into lifelong loyalists.

Episode Tracklist

  • Khemmis - "From Ruin"
  • Black Sabbath - "Into The Void"
  • Trouble - "Revelation (Life and Death)"
  • Khemmis - "Ash, Cinder, Smoke"
  • Khemmis - "Beyond The Door"
  • Khemmis - "The Seer"
  • Sweet Trip - "Conservation of Two"
  • Fleet Foxes - "Fool For You (Curtis Mayfield Cover)"
  • Judas Priest - "The Sentinel"

Sidetrack: Sidetrack: Welcome Year Zero: Hail Satan with Ghost

We're 11 days out from Halloween night, so for our Sidetrack this week we're heading to church. Well, I guess it's maybe more of an anti-church? Cardinal Copia and his Nameless Gouls lead the worship service as one of the most evil metal bands of all time, Ghost. We've made it just in time...The Satanic Mass is about to start.


  • Ghost - "From The Pinnacle To The Pit"
  • Ghost - "Stand By Him"
  • Ghost - "Year Zero"
  • Ghost - "Con Clavi Con Dio"