Beck - Sea Change (2002) album cover.
Episode 30

Beck - Sea Change (2002)

The anti-folk, alt pop rock legend Beck has been cranking out some of the most unique and memorable albums for the better part of the last 20 some-odd years. Back in 2002, after making a household name for himself with songs like "Loser", "Devil's Haircut", and "Where It's At", Beck flipped the script on himself and shared his hauntingly beautiful, acoustic-heavy break-up album Sea Change, shortly after his relationship of 9 years fell apart. As David Fricke of Rolling Stone puts it, "Sea Change, gleaming with twang and heartbroken strings, is an entire album of spectacular suffering."

Episode Tracklist

  • Beck - ""
  • Modest Mouse - "The Ground Walks, With Time In A Box"
  • Bill Withers - "Hope She'll Be Happier"
  • Beck - "Paper Tiger"
  • Beck - "End Of The Day"
  • Beck - "Sunday Sun"
  • Beck - "Little One"

Sidetrack: Beck's Early Influences

On this week's Sidetrack we focus on the vibes and styles from Beck's 1994 release, One Foot In The Grave, by taking a look at some of his early influences. Starting out as a "folk teenage hobo", Beck would take his guitar with him on city buses, covering Mississippi John Hurt and other standard folktales made famous by acts such as The Carter Family.  


  • Beck - "Mattress"
  • Mississippi John Hurt - "Monday Morning Blues"
  • Beck - "He's A Mighty Good Leader"
  • Mississippi John Hurt - "Short'nin Bread"
  • The Carter Family - "John Hardy Was A Desperate Little Man"
  • Beck - "It's All In Your Mind"