Spoon - Gimme Fiction (2005) album cover.
Episode 16

Spoon - Gimme Fiction (2005)

We finish up our SpoonFest with a look at Spoon fully realized in their 2005 release Gimme Fiction. With the addition of keyboardist Eric Harvey alongside Britt Daniel's increasing comfortability behind those ivory keys, Gimme brings the piano to the forefront in several songs, yet still finds time to squeeze in those slightly strange & beautiful, electronic-heavy tunes that make Spoon our all-time favorite band.     

Episode Tracklist

  • Spoon - "My Mathematical Mind"
  • Siouxsie & The Banshees - "Sweetest Chill"
  • Dungen - "Jag Ville Va Kvar"
  • Spoon - "I Summon You"
  • Spoon - "Was It You"
  • Spoon - "Merchants of Soul"
  • King Tubby - "Keep On Dubbing"

Sidetrack: Spoon - "The Book I Write (Stranger Than Fiction S/T)" (2006)

To top off our SpoonFest we decided to dive into the soundtrack for Stranger Than Fiction for our Sidetrack this week, which just happens to be 50% Britt Daniel & Spoon. Music supervisor/composer Brian Reitzell collaborates heavily with Britt Daniel for this soundtrack, and Daniel offers up four Spoon tracks for the film, including "The Book I Write", which is an exclusive track for the movie.