Spoon - Girls Can Tell (2001) album cover.
Episode 12

Spoon - Girls Can Tell (2001)

On this week's episode we continue our dive into Spoon with a look at Girls Can Tell. This album shows a clear shift in sound from the more aggressive and punchier approach of their previous works, with Britt Daniels acknowledging that anything is fair game when it comes to a Spoon song. Pianos, vibraphones, and even harpsichords are introduced into the songwriting process, creating the blueprint for how Britt and company approach the music of Spoon from that point on. It's safe to say that Girls Can Tell is when Spoon becomes Spoon.

Episode Tracklist

  • Spoon - "Everything Hits At Once"
  • Beach House - "Lemon Glow"
  • Wolf People - "Kingfisher"
  • Spoon - "Believing Is Art"
  • Spoon - "The Fitted Shirt"
  • Spoon - "Anything You Want"
  • The Kinks - "Session Man"

Sidetrack: Elvis Costello - "Secondary Modern" (1980)

We take a look back at one particular incident in 1979 involving the Stephen Stills Band, too much to drink, and Elvis Costello's racist remarks toward black American musicians. Costello bounces back by releasing Get Happy!! in 1980, a collection of soul-pop gems that demonstrate a clear respect and admiration for the music of black America. To tie it back to last week's review of Spoon's Girls Can Tell, we listen to "Secondary Modern" and explore the influence Costello had on Britt Daniels vocal stylings.