Jimmy Eat World - Clarity (1999) album cover.
Episode 11

Jimmy Eat World - Clarity (1999)

Now considered a touchstone record of the emo genre, we take a look at Jimmy Eat World's 1999 classic Clarity, and how the sound they were perfecting ushered us into the third wave of emo music. Before that we go all the way back to the spring of 1985 in Washington D.C. to explore the origins of emo, and discuss how difficult the genre is to define.

Episode Tracklist

  • Jimmy Eat World - "Lucky Denver Mint"
  • Watashi Wa - "All of Me"
  • Rites of Spring - "Theme"
  • Embrace - "Dance of Days"
  • The Promise Ring - "Why Did We Ever Meet"
  • Jimmy Eat World - "Seventeen"
  • Jimmy Eat World - "Your New Aesthetic"
  • Jimmy Eat World - "Ten"
  • Fugazi - "Waiting Room"

Sidetrack: American Football (1999)

We continue our conversation on the origins of emo music with a look at 1999 self-titled album from American Football. Stepping away from the punk-rock influence entirely, American Football's unique sound introduced elements of jazz and math-rock into the emo repertoire. The album has since achieved cult-status and is widely considered one of the greatest and most important releases in the history of emo music.