Radiohead - Hail To The Thief (2003) album cover.
Episode 29

Radiohead - Hail To The Thief (2003)

We continue our deep dive into Radiohead with a look at Hail To The Thief. Coming out of the Kid A and Amnesiac tunnel where Thom nearly turned his back completely on guitar-based melodies, Hail is a return to Radiohead embracing the traditional rock song format and Thom finding his voice again. The computer was still a critical component to the song-writing process, but treated like the other instruments used in the recording session. The result is uniquely Radiohead, a mashup of every stepping stone that brought them to that point.

Episode Tracklist

  • Klaatu - "Dr. Marvello"
  • Radiohead - "Ill Wind"
  • Radiohead - "Sail To The Moon"
  • Radiohead - "Where I End and You Begin"
  • Radiohead - "A Punch Up At a Wedding"
  • Radiohead - "Myxomatosis"

Sidetrack: Jonny Greenwood - "You Were Never Really Here OST" (2017)

On this week's Sidetrack we take a listen to Jonny Greenwood's soundtrack for the 2017 psychological thriller You Were Never Really Here. With both ambient and beat-heavy tracks, the OST gives us a solid representation of Greenwood's diversity as both a composer and an electronic artist.


  • Jonny Greenwood - "Dark Streets"
  • Jonny Greenwood - "Nausea"
  • Jonny Greenwood - "Dark Streets (Reprise)"