Fleet Foxes - Shore (2020) album cover.

Fleet Foxes - Shore (2020)

One silver lining of the Covid pandemic is the music, art, and films that would not exist had it not been for artists in quarantine. Last month, on the day of the autumnal equinox, fans of indie folk heroes Fleet Foxes were gifted a surprise album that in so many way is the perfect antidote to the year 2020. Listen to our review as we explore some of the lyrical themes and collaboration that went into Fleet Foxes' most joyful, warm, and musically adventurous record to date.

Episode Tracklist

  • Fleet Foxes - "Can I Believe You"
  • Fleet Foxes - "Maestranza"
  • Fleet Foxes - "Quiet Air/ Gioia"
  • Jesse Kivel - "Northside"
  • Proswell - "Usanpo"
  • - ""

Sidetrack: Poor Moon - "Heaven's Door"

Not every side project becomes an Audioslave or a Them Crooked Vultures. But if you're a fan of the band they stemmed from, odds are pretty good you'll find something to like. For fans of Fleet Foxes, we have the short-lived Poor Moon. Comprised of bass player Christian Wargo and keyboardist Casey Wescott, Poor Moon brings the intricate melodies and delicate harmonies that Wargo and Wescott bring to Fleet Foxes with a hint of their own psychedelic flair.


  • Poor Moon - "Holiday"
  • Poor Moon - "Heaven's Door"
  • Peel Dream Magazine - "Escalator Ism"
  • Elvis Perkins - "The Fire Light"