Air - Talkie Walkie (2004) album cover.
Episode 34

Air - Talkie Walkie (2004)

After a month of headbanging and raging with Korn and Static X, we take a breather and relax with the loungy, space rock synth vibes of Air's 2004 release Talkie Walkie. The French duo somehow manage to cultivate a sound that is both retro & futuristic, with the use of vintage synth keys, guitar pedals, and vocoders. With help from Nigel Godrich (see also: Radiohead, Beck) Talkie Walkie is a wonderfully warm & intimate, "elegantly moody soundtrack for imaginary films".   

Episode Tracklist

  • Air - "Surfing On A Rocket"
  • Air - "La Femme D'argent"
  • Air - "Sexy Boy"
  • Air - "Run"
  • Air - "Universal Traveler"
  • Air - "Mike Mills"
  • Air - "Another Day"
  • Air - "Alpha Beta Gaga"


Sidetrack: The Yé-yé French Pop Stylings of Juniore

On this week's Sidetrack we take another peak at the term "yé-yé", a specific style of French pop music popularized in the 60's that continues to influence groups to this day, with its twangy surf guitar & upbeat bubblegum pop melodies. A favorite of ours that stands out in this style is a group that goes by Juniore, who have been perfecting that 60's retro French pop sound since 2013.


  • Juniore - "Magnifique"
  • Jacqueline Taïeb - "7 AM"
  • Juniore - "Dans Le Noir"
  • Juniore - "Antoine"
  • Juniore - "En Cavale"